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Joy of light...


6 November 1989
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I guess it's about time I fill something in here... I should update this goddamn thing.

Okay things you need to know: um...I'm Cantonese, female and I LOOOOVE to cook, like as in I'm actually planning to do it to live kinda of love.

I'm out of school and out of work (I'm very lazy you see) but I am kinda looking.

Besides cooking I also like eating and telling people about cooking and eating and telling some other people what to eat and cook. And Doctor Who, I love Doctor Who.

So what do I have to offer on my public public journal? Well I have virtually no filter and I like to think I have an interesting insight on things. So read my blog! And my other blog! At blogspot which there is a link for *hint hint*! I like to be so popular I can be one of those people who just lives on blogging. But that might just feed my laziness.

Anyway I may sound a bit rude but I am very, very nice!

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